Manual Penalty Recovery Services

Being Penalized or Filtered by Google is not the End of Your Website!

Over the past few years, Google has really changed the we marketers and business owners alike approach search marketing. With the release of the Google update code name “Penguin”, has site with obvious unnatural linking profile we filtered and removed for Google search results. Later update resulted in unnatural anchors tags linking, and linking schemes. If your site saw a drastic drop in traffic then its likely your website has been penalized by one of Google’s updates.

What You Need to Know About Manual Penalties?

According to Google, a link with the sole existence of increasing a websites search engine ranking is considered an unnatural link. For example, If you have a link from a website with an keyword rich anchors tag would send red flags, because when people share content they don’t often link it directly to a keyword that is directly related to the linked site. This is why Google consider this practices as unnatural linking.

The truth is there is no site on the web that doesn’t have some kind of unnatural linking in their link profile. It’s simply impossible to avoid linking out to your website. Knowing this you are thinking, “Then why did my site get penalized while my competitor’s website remained in active and flouring in Google?” Most of the time, it’s simply all about the numbers and nothing more. Meaning, Google algorithm calculates the percentage of link types and anchor tags and analysis the quality to determine if your profile is natural or not. It sounds simple but it’s far more complex.

When we reference building links, we are talking about creating a natural backlink profile. A natural link profile consists of a variety of links and anchors from many different sources. If your websites link profile is largely one thing, for instance, profile links or directories only, you currently have an unnatural link profile and it will need you attention immediately before it’s too late. It’s not about single links it’s about your overall profile, and much of your profile accounts for those links.

Determine if you have receive a google manual penalty?

Someone on your team will need to complete an backlinking audit – looking for various and types of links you have and identify those which are causing you to receive a penalty creating an unnatural link profile. Next, you will need to remove or disavow those links all while building new, links to your profile; so that your website can remain balanced.


We offer two pricing models for our Google Penalty Recovery Service:

Option 1) Report Only - $1500
Option 2) Report & Removal - $1500 + $750/month (includes, removal and disavowal of backlinks, website modification, content creation, and creating a clean backlinking profile.)

What do I do after the Bad Links are removed? Do I need to submit a Request for Reconsideration?

If you did not receive direct communication from Google about with a “link Warning” within your webmaster tools account, then it is not recommended that you submit a request for reconsideration even after the link are removed.

The Google manual penalty is totally automated and a request for reconsideration will not restore any of your search rankings. You simply have to make the changes and wait for the Google crawlers to discover the changes and update the google manual penalty plaguing your site. A reconsideration request could cause more harm to your site, because it will possible bring more attention to your backlinking profile.

If you received a “link warning “email then you will need to submit a request for reconsideration. Unlike the google manual penalty, where you only have to remove a few link and done, a manual penalty will likely request you to remove a substantial number of links from your profile to fully satisfy the reviewer. Worst of all, you will lose the links that are creating your ranking as it is now being seen as unnatural..

Identifying the links that are causing will depend on which scenario applies to your website and is the most important factor in recovering from the google manual penalty.

How Modblu Helps Remove Manual Penalties

We will perform a backlink audit to research your overall linking profile, point out issues, and help identify links that may be causing your website to be penalized by Google. In addition, we will work to create a clean backlinking profile through a built vs earned model. We will then submit on your behalf or help you submit the reconsideration request and if the reconsideration request is rejected, we will repeat the process and take into account the information provided in the rejection notice.

Things to be aware of when you are recovering from a google manual penalty is 1) Your traffic may not recover to the traffic volume it was before your website receive the penalty. This is because receiving a manual penalty typically requires removal or disavowal of backlinks a substantial amount of backlinks as well as changes in content, and/or page and url structures. and 2) There is no such thing as an instant penalty recovery, it takes up to three weeks after the reconsideration is approved before you start seeing movement in your website.

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