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We Have Reinvented the Local SEO Marketing Rules!

Modblu's local seo marketing strategy increased our search visibility by over 500% in the first months. Landing us with more leads overall. We consider them on of the best local seo companies on the internet.

Insurance Solutions of North Florida

The Future of Local SEO Marketing

Today a large percentage of online searches are conducted on mobile sites. If you have a business in which you are trying to sell a product or a service locally, you will need to ensure you are in front of the right people all of the time.

Modblu is focused ensuring that all of its clients reach its target persona with little hassle. We have the capability to target many cities in United States with our local seo marketing strategies. We even target the communities and zip codes that are deeply rooted within the core city.

With our local seo marketing strategies, you will know which area is performing better than others; you will also know what types of keywords each of these areas are producing. In addition to target areas outside of your home market, Modblu can create local citations and performs local search engine optimization on our client’s existing website and landing pages.

Our Local seo service is superior to any other local seo company out there. We claim this because we have large combination of expertise in local search marketing as well as, a deeply rooted knowledge of how technology and how it is changing over time. If your business is local, let our local seo service help you land more leads and new customers. Treat us as your local seo guide to the future of your business.


Every industry and every site is different but we here at Modblu Media have found a middle ground with pricing. Our local seo pricing includes, on-page optimization, citation creation, custom landing pages, and optimized local content creation.


Our Local Marketing Plans

Committing to a local marketing plan with Modblu Media will truly be a rewarding endeavor. Best of all, our local marketing plan includes:

  • Custom City/Zip/Neighborhood Landing pages
  • Bounce Rate Reducer opt-in
  • Local Citation (Home Location Only)
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Custom Tracking Numbers

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