Social Media 101: What is Social Bookmarking?

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Social Bookmarking sites are a fantastic way to not only store all of your favorite and well-loved sites, but to share them with your friends and people who have similar interests. They are also great for finding new sites to explore.  Can you already see how powerful they can be for your business? You have probably seen Facebook and YouTube buttons on websites, maybe you even have them on your site as well so visitors can connect with you. (If you don’t you really want to add that). Facebook and Twitter are considered “Status Sites”. But do you know what Social Bookmaking sites are?

Have you seen all those other little buttons that you may not be familiar with? Have you been to a blog and seen the rows of buttons and wondered what those were? These are the symbols of popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. There are even visual social bookmarking sites where people can bookmark specific images of products they wish to buy.  There are tons and tons of social bookmarking sites out there and they are pretty valuable to your Internet marketing efforts/

Make sure that you have these buttons on your site because every time someone bookmarks your site it will help you to be found by others with similar interests and needs.  People might not always be searching for something in your industry, but it is possible that seeing listed in their friend’s bookmarks will make them interested in seeing what you can offer them. It’s similar to when you were a kid and Tommy had a lollipop. Suddenly, it seems like nothing in the world would satisfy you quite like a lollipop.

When your website is bookmarked, it also creates a whole new backlink for your site, which helps you climb the ranks of the search engines.  When Google see’s how popular you are among Tommy’s friends, it understands that you have something of value to offer and doesn’t mind helping more people find you. Make sure to have the social bookmarking buttons on your website so visitors can “bookmark” and share your page.

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